As you level up, every 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level in your characters selected class, increase one of their ability scores and also pick their choice of a Feat.

Feats offer a large variety of beneficial effects, abilities, and in some cases, additional ability score increases.

You may only ever take a feat once unless otherwise stated.

General Feats

Skill Feats

Chakra Feats

Ninjutsu Feats

Taijutsu Feats

Genjutsu Feats

Critical Feats

Archetype Feats

Class Feats

Clan Feats (All Below are Outdated)

Apex Heritage (Hebi Clan, Level 4+)
Bloodline, Latent (Level 4+)
Bloodline, Realized (Level 12+)
Branch Family Training (Hyuga Clan)
Constant Progression (Uchiha Clan)
Enhanced Coordination (Nara Clan)
Food Born Hardiness (Akimichi Clan)
Insect Nest Integrity (Aburame Clan)
Mental Boons (Yamanaka Clan)
Monstrous Reserves (Uzumaki Clan, Level 12+)
Nin-Dog Training (Inuzuka Clan)
White Chakra Surge (Hatake Clan, Level 4+)
Yin Chakra Mastery (Kuru Clan)
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