Class Feats

Class Feats

You may only take a Class Feat if you meet the level requirement in its respective class.

Genjutsu Specialist

Actualize Reality (Level 4+)
Mirage Exhibition (Level 2+)

Ninjutsu Specialist

Altered, Refinement X (Level 8+)
Altered, Refinement Y (Level 8+)
Altered, Refinement Z (Level 8+
Refined, Refinement (Level 4+)

Intelligence Operative

Courageous Orders (Level 2+)
Exploit Knowledge (Level 4+)


Bad Medicine (Level 8+)
Focused Healing (Level 4+)


Exploiting Exploits (Level 2+)
Swifter Response (Level 4+)
Secondary Target (Level 4+)


Scouting Adept (Level 4+)
Scouting Veteran (Level 8+)

Taijutsu Specialist

Combo Expert (Level 4+)
Martial Offense (Level 8+)

Weapon Specialist

Expanded Focus (Level 4+)
Free Flowing Style (Level 8+)

Puppet Master

Tools to Carry On a Legacy (Level 4+)
The Moment I Understood (Level 8+)
The Certainty of Steel (Level 12+, The Moment I Understood feat, 16+ Con)


Secondary Storage Device (Level 4+)
Renaissance Shinobi (Level 12+)
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