Shinobi are extraordinary people, driven by a
thirst for excitement into a life that others
would never dare lead. They are heroes,
compelled to explore the dark places of the
world and take on the challenges that lesser
women and men can’t stand against.

Class Description Hit Die Chakra Die Saving Throw Proficiencies
Genjutsu Specialist A master of illusions who focuses on manipulating their enemies with crippling illusions or mind-altering effects. d6 d12 Con, Wis, Cha
Hunter-Nin A scoundrel who uses stealth, trickery, and misdirection to hunt down and assassinate enemies with ruthless efficiency. d10 d8 Dex, Int, Wis
Intelligence Operative Tactical commander who uses their wits, allies, and ingenuity to control the battlefield and enhance both themselves and their allies with superior tactics. d8 d10 Dex, Int, Cha
Medical-Nin A master medical practitioner who fights to protect and keep allies alive by any means. d8 d10 Str, Wis, Cha
Ninjutsu Specialist A master of nature releases who is able to bend their chakra to their will, allowing them to manipulate even the fabric of the world do achieve their goals. d6 d12 Int, Wis, Cha
Scout-Nin Versatile shinobi who are known to be the jack of all trades, excelling in all forms of combat and being seen as the generalist compared to other shinobi classes. d8 d10 Str, Con, Int
Taijutsu Specialist Close range martial arts master who uses combos to overwhelm and defeat enemies d12 d6 Str, Dex, Cha
Weapon Specialist Master of martial combat, utilizing a variety of weapons and armor d10 d8 Str, Dex, Con
Puppet Master Unparalleled craftsmen of Puppet Tools, controlled with deft chakra threads d8 d10 Str, Con, Int
Cooking-Nin Connoisseur of flavor and fighting, they support their team with culinary prowess d10 d8 Con, Int, Cha
Science-Nin The most intelligent in the room, a genius of scientific ninja tools d8 d10 Dex, Con, Int
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