"Every character belongs to a Clan, one of the many prominent and featured families of people, who make up the world of Naruto. The most common and numerous clans in the Naruto universe ironically are the non-clan, people with no distinct family background, attempting to make a name for themselves and potentially creating a clan for their future generations to flourish through."


The description of each Clan includes special traits that are common to members of that clan. The following entries appear among the traits of most clans.


Every Clan increases one or more of a character’s ability scores at character creation.


Your speed determines how far you can move when traveling and fighting.


Your Clan offers additional proficiencies based on the culture and way the clan works internally.


By virtue of being human, you automatically speak common, but there are many different ways to
communicate and people and creatures to communicate with. Your clan may offer you additional languages that allow you to speak and understand dialects other than common.


The description of each Clan also includes special features unique to that clan and that clan alone. You gain these features at 1st, 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15h & 18th Levels. These features provide you with additional ways to customize your shinobi, creating a wholly unique character, unlike others.

Clan Description Key Abilities Jutsu List
Aburame Clan Handlers of chakra consuming insects Bug Host, Insect Focus Aburame Clan Jutsu
Akimichi Clan Physically resilient fighters able to fuel their jutsu with calories Calories, Food Pills Akimichi Clan Jutsu
Bakuton Clan Dangerous wielders of the Explosion Release, both reckless and artistic Concussive Blasts, Explosion Release Bakuton Clan Jutsu
Fuma Clan Renowned experts of thrown weaponry and Bukijutsu Immaculate Precision, Fuma Shuriken Master Fuma Clan Jutsu
Futton Clan Piping hot wielders of the Boil Release, able to melt you away in seconds Boiling Chakra, Boil Release Futton Clan Jutsu
Hatake Clan Masters of Lightning Release, able to enhance their Raiton with a reserve of special chakra White Chakra, Lightning Release Adept No Clan Jutsu
Hebi Clan Snake-like individuals capable of regenerating injuries and using poisoned weapons Regeneration, Poison Potency Hebi Clan Jutsu
Hoshigaki Clan Infamous, hulking, and amphibious brutes able to transform into a shark-like hybrid form. Shark Tooth, Shark Skinned Predator No Clan Jutsu
Hozuki Clan Known for their Water Release prowess, the family can liquidate in a pinch Made of Water, Water Reservoirs Hozuki Clan Jutsu
Hyūga Clan A family of nobility known for their dojutsu the Byakugan and specialized Gentle Fist taijutsu style Byakugan, Gentle Fist Stance Hyūga Clan Jutsu
Inuzuka Clan Beastmasters able to take on animalistic traits, each paired with a Nin-dog companion Beast Master, Feral Ability Inuzuka Clan Jutsu
Jiton Clan Wielders of the polarizing Magnet Release, able to drown and crush you in sand Magnetic Mark, Magnet Release Jiton Clan Jutsu
Jūgo Clan Unstable individuals with bodies that absorb and store natural energy Raw Chakra, Raw Chakra Form Jūgo Clan Jutsu
Kaguya Clan An accursed clan with the ability to manipulate their bone structure, able to remove bones for use as weapons Bone Weaponry, Shikosumyaku Stance Kaguya Clan Jutsu
Kurama Clan Genjustu specialists able to both resist other's genjutsu and enhance their own Genjutsu Resistance, Genjutsu Molding No Clan Jutsu
Kuru Clan A mysterious clan with the ability to use Yin chakra and possessing a dojutsu capable of seeing the future Yin Chakra Adept, Kurugan Kuru Clan Jutsu
Namikaze Clan Dashing speedsters who wield the Swift Release, always gone in a flash Supernatural Speed, Swift Release Namikaze Clan Jutsu
Nara Clan Genius tacticians able to coordinate and lead as well as use Yin release to manipulate shadows to restrain their foes Master Tactician, Masters of the Shadows Nara Clan Jutsu
Non-Clan Individuals with an unremarkable bloodline who hold their own with hard work and unending perseverance Unrelenting Focus, Nindo No Clan Jutsu
Ranton Clan Stylish wielders of the Storm Release, known for their lasers and stormy techniques Gale Style, Storm Release Ranton Clan Jutsu
Ryu Clan A clan with draconic blood, able to call upon an innate rage as well as expertly use their ancestor's nature release Blood of the Dragon, Dragon's Rage Ryu Clan Jutsu
Sarutobi Clan Followers of the Will of Fire able to use multiple of the five elemental chakra natures to an expert degree Advanced Nature Transformation, Inheritors of the Will of Fire No Clan Jutsu
Senju Clan Those of a grand legacy who wield the Wood Release, said to tame even the greatest beasts Built Different, Wood Release Senju Clan Jutsu
Shakuton Clan Blazingly hot wielders of the Scorch Release, who can shrivel you up in an inferno Scorching Heat, Scorch Release Shakuton Clan Jutsu
Shikigami Clan Made of paper and experts with explosive tools, beware the angel's dance Papercraft, Paper Expert Shikigami Clan Jutsu
Shoton Clan Wielders of the unbreakable and enigmatic Crystal Release, capable of crystalizing anything and anyone Rock Hard Stability , Crystalized Focus Shoton Clan Jutsu
Tsuchigumo Clan Unusual spidery individuals with a third eye that can create weapons and armor from web-like excretions Web Weapons, Exoskeleton Tsuchigumo Clan Jutsu
Uchiha Clan A clan of prodigies with the powerful Sharingan dojutsu, granting them enhanced reflexes, genjutsu, and the ability to copy jutsu Sharingan Uchiha Clan Jutsu
Uzumaki Clan Masters of sealing jutsu with a chakra reserve far greater than that of other clans Wellspring of Chakra, Inhuman Lifeforce Uzumaki Clan Jutsu
Yamanaka Clan Mentally formidable individuals able to project their mind into the body of others Mental Boon, Mental Clarity Yamanaka Clan Jutsu
Yoton Clan Sweltering and steady wielders of the Lava Release, beware the molten core Calcified Skin, Lava Release Yoton Clan Jutsu
Yuki Clan Experts of the rare and powerful Ice Release kekkei genkai Ice Release, Chilled Body Yuki Clan Jutsu
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